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Technical aspects
Is cyber sex only for the desperate and lonely?

Safety Issues

I want to address some safety issues. Unless you know beyond all doubt everything that your cyber partner has told you is true, don’t ever release personal information. In fairytale land we like to think that everyone is being honest. But in reality, the person on the other end of the line could turn out to be an ogre. Never use your real name as a login name, and never give out your real name, place of employment or address. It also helps to become familiar with the areas that you find people to cyber with. Becoming a regular tends to give a person a bit of credibility. If you are using a site that you have to register for, such as Yahoo Chat, don’t put any personal information about yourself in the profile. Also, don’t give out links to any website that may contain your personal information.

“There are some freaks out there in cyberland! LOL scary scary people...esp. men posing as women...HEEELLLOOOOOOOO.....do they really think I can't tell??? geezzzzzz **rolls eyes** “

You not only need to protect yourself physically, but also emotionally.

“I became involved with a man who I met through a chat board. We started exchanging emails, then Im’s, and I even met him in person several times. Over a year after we had met in person for the first time I found out he was still married. Because our work schedules didn’t coincide well, most of our conversations were either late at night or when he was at work and I never suspected there was a wife. It took a very long time before I could again trust someone that I met on the net.”

What happens if you get involved with someone who makes you uncomfortable?
Log off. If you choose to go back into the room, use a different sign-in name. If it is someone you have given your email address to, block them. Also block them from any messenger services that you use and don’t accept any messages from them. If you think you’re being harassed, contact the chat room moderators or abuse center.

For all its pitfalls, is cyber sex worth it? I think so, if only to have the experience. You may learn a little about yourself in the process. If you decide not to, you know you’ll be passing on a free source of stimulation and future masturbation fodder. Whether your experiences will be good or bad depends on the choices you make. I wish you happy cybering!