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Technical aspects
Is cyber sex only for the desperate and lonely?

What exactly is cyber sexing?

Cyber sex. The phrase typically conjures images of a man masturbating in front of his computer. Everyone knows only guys do that kind of thing, right? Given the popularity of Clitical.com and the questions asked here we know this is not accurate. But there are many questions that surround the whole idea of cyber sex. What exactly does cyber sex mean? Who does it and why? Is it for only the desperate and lonely? Is it cheating? Where can we get lucky? What can we expect from a cyber sex relationship?

What is the appeal of cyber sex? The answer is that anyone can get some. We log on into a world where "getting some" is easy to do. As a fantasy tool, cyber sex is hard to beat. It enables us to be anyone we wish to be and to partake in any manner of online sharing, from simple flirtation to all out, screaming spasms of ecstasy. Cyber sex, or cybering, is so alluring simply because it is so damn easy. Why bother going out to a place with 200 strangers, gambling on the slim chance of establishing something meaningful with one of them, or the even smaller chance of anything resembling real sex, when you can go to a place with a million or so people, meet someone in less than 30 seconds...and have a solid 85% chance of scoring! How's that for odds?

Better yet, you don’t have to go through the hassles of getting dressed up, applying make up, worrying about your hair or time of month and all that. You can be all sweaty in your flannel work-out clothes but ‘say’ you’re wearing a perfumed, semi-transparent designer night gown. It doesn't get any better!

“Cyber sex can be addictive.”

What exactly is cyber sexing?
Cyber sex basically involves two people, both sitting at their own computer. Sometimes there is the addition of web cams or web mics, but usually it's just the two people conversing back and forth with nothing more than a keyboard. The easiest way to describe cyber sexing is that they describe what they want to do to each other, what they have already done, or what they want to have done to themselves. The more descriptive you can be the better.

Who does it and why?
The allure of cyber sex knows no demographic boundary. It seduces people from all walks of life, spanning every conceivable difference in age, sex, religion, culture and marital status.