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Technical aspects
Is cyber sex only for the desperate and lonely?

Technical aspects

Instant messaging allows very private, one-on-one communication and instant feedback. You meet, and the typing and masturbation begins. Now of course, this only works well when you have the ability to type well, at a good pace, and you and your partner are not afraid to masturbate. You do know you have to touch yourself, right? Good spelling may be optional but not necessary. But believe me when I say, nothing upsets the person getting off than to suddenly see someone wants to put a "clock" in their pussy, instead of a "cock". The mood can be irrevocably altered, as laughing fits tend to produce the same effect as cold shower.

“well.....the spelling, it depends (like everything else with me lol) on the person, if they make a mistake, it's ok but I can't tell you how much it irritates me when people don't know the difference between their, there, and they're and you're and your...GOD that annoys me and I would never cyber with someone who can't get those straight...just my lil' pet peeve but an occasional error doesn't bother me b/c we all make mistakes.”

Getting off in this manner isn't for everyone.

“I have yet to get off typing..somehow "gasp gasp" "oh baby" as written words seem to loose their power.”

You have to be able to use your imagination. Run their words through your mind. Add a voice with gasps and whispers and inflection and passion. Here is where good description is essential. Describe the scene, include as many senses as you can.

"One pitfall is trying to address the keyboard and your desires at the same time."

The inevitable question...How do you type and jerk off at the same time? There are several ways to remedy this situation. The first is to take turns. Type to you partner your thoughts. Make it a running of commentary, allowing the other to, um, service themself. When they have finished, you get your turn.

“It's easier to type, stop, type, stop. for however long is necessary.”

Or, you could become very adept at typing one-handed.

“I didn't type and get off at the same time, but re-read his words afterwards, and masturbated. So did he, and then we'd tell each other what we did! Other times we'd write a whole fantasy, and then the receiver could masturbate without interruption.”

You might want to keep your messages to each other short, maybe a sentence at a time. That way the receiving partner is getting a steady stream of visual/mental stimulation, rather than waiting for three minutes while you type a paragraph. You might also want to settle ahead of time how you are going to indicate to your partner when you have had your orgasm. There’s nothing more annoying to be typing your little heart out, sharing your sexy thoughts to the silence on the other end only to receive a message like, “Sorry, I stepped out to clean up.”

Speaking of cleaning up - make like a Boy Scout and always be prepared. You know you’re there to masturbate, so make sure you’ve prepared your area before you begin. Also, if you’re concerned that you may be interrupted, please inform your partner that it is a possibility.