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Technical aspects
Is cyber sex only for the desperate and lonely?

What can we expect from a cyber sex relationship?

The answer to that depends primarily upon what kind of relationship you wish to develop. Are you cybering with a stranger with the expectation that you will never run into them again? Are you cybering with someone whom you consider to be a good friend? Are you cybering with someone with whom you have developed an emotional bond? These are all examples of the different levels of cybering.

“Cyber sex...cyberrelationships...phonesex...real sex...They are ALL relationships with other people...and from what I can tell, the medium is not all that relevant. Each participant in cyber sex has his or her own agenda...just like we do in real life.”

“The relationship does not have to have meaning to be functional.“

Who says relationships cannot be built on a small amount of words? But to what extent do we go when forming these kinds of relationships? Are they just relationships built on fantasies? Perhaps for some they are merely games and a way to "get off". However, to many, the online game of meet-and-swap-feelings sets the foundations of lasting relationships. In fact, people have met, gotten married… and the damn relationship lasted! Sadly, many others will end up falling in love with someone who may never materialize past their modems. This can be devastating.

"Have feelings become an issue? For some, yes. I find that I really care about these people - a couple I even love. It became more than just the sex. Even while I know I can never actually have them, I feel selfish and take what I can from them."

“I must admit, cyber sex has its pitfalls too. Getting too attached to your partner is bad - people just have a tendency to disappear here. And to take it a step further, I've actually met in person people I've met online. God, was it a bad idea.”

“Only one had some pitfalls when we started to become too attached, and the distance involved in traveling would have been impossible at the time. Having said that, we remain close friends and the experience was exactly what both of us needed at the time.”