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Feels Like The First Time
Coming Out

Feels Like The First Time

Written By: Anonymous

Her name is Holly. She's 18 and is perfect. Her face is always so alive, every feature is electric. Her eyes are the exact shade of Night Sea, flecked with the reflection of the moon, shattered and glossy. Her skin is milky and clear, touched with a rosy glow on her cheeks.

I can see her some times dragging a rose over her delicate skin, so erotic and smooth. Her lips are small but full and moist, natural and the colour of cherry blossom, just as delicate, and the voice breaths out of them as softly as the wind that frees the spring blossom. Her hair is poetic, long, curled and brown. It drapes over her sensual curved neck and strokes her shapely collarbone like fingertips. When she wears strapless tops her shoulders are so defined and elegant, as if sculpted by Rodin. She's stands tall, as graceful as the stem of a budded red white rose.

I love to sneak the odd look lower, her stifled body, wrapped in protective clothing. I lust after her caged breasts and imagine her unfolding them to me, held symmetrically and tipped pink with tiny nipples. Her waist is the gentle curve of a hill with swelled hips that more as rhythmically as a ballet dancer. Her thighs appear so adorable, secretive and seductive; they create their own language.

One night we decide to have a nice sleepover at her house. She'll be off to university soon and her parents are visiting family. I arrived at her door and rang the bell waiting for her. I've always had these deeply buried desires for her, but feel she's such a perfect angel I just can't touch.

She comes down the stairs looking radiant, her hair is down and she's wearing a knee length denim skirt and a quirky vest top. She can't possibly tell how much I wanted her but I smiled and walked in. We had a nice long chat and decided to get changed and put a video on. We got some choccies and a glass of wine each.

I sat on the couch and she sat just in front, her legs curled up and her nightee half way up her thighs. I can look down at her gorgeous thighs without her seeing and I lead my eyes up and down. The video is fairly weepy, tragic ending, the odd erotic moment. I can feel her breath a little deeply when the leading lady strips off but fail to take much notice.

When the video is over we take a bottle up to her room and sit on her bed. She lights some candles and incense, and make a joke of never getting to use it. We have a giggle and a couple more glasses until we feel a bit more uninhibited. Her breasts look so good under her loose pink nightee. I'm wearing a knee length gown and panties.

We start talking about out love life, lack of it, loneliness, jokes about men. We're on our 3rd or 4th glass and we start laughing a lot and she asks me if I'd ever tried it with a woman. I smiled and told her I was bisexual but was afraid to tell everyone. I realize what I've said and feel a little uncomfortable.

She places her glass down and smiles. She moves a little closer to me and places a hand on my hot thigh then leans her lips to my ear. As she talks her lips gently touch my ear. "I know." I take a deep intake of breath and feel my head lean back a little as she drags her lips along my jaw line, gently tracing it with a slight tongue. I close my eyes as I feel her breath on lips.

Her lips gently touch mine, reacting to such sensual sensation. Then they cup each other, holding on to each other so delicately but building strength. She gently drags her lips down a little and sucks on my lower lip, licking the smooth inner moisture. I drag my tongue along her upper lip tracing its heart shape. She pulls my lip between her lips wickedly and I make a soft laughing moan, as I feel more excited.

Then we are sucking, licking, delving, diving each others hidden sensuality. We both rise so we are leaning on our knees pressing our hot bodies against each other, thighs to thighs, belly to belly, breasts to breast. I slip my hands around her soft bum, and cup them, stroke them. I leave one hand stroking her butt with my fingertips and bring one up to her curved back, tracing up and down, zigzagging to increase the mounting excitement.

I can feel her part her lip and make a small crying sound, ah! Her hand searchs my front tracing up my thigh lap, and momentarily drifts through my tiny patch of hair. Her hand moves up and tickles my tummy and I giggle, exciting her. I move my lips away and lean my head back. She kisses above my breast in the V of my now loose dressing gown. We can feel the want of each other and she pushes me away teasingly.
We're both breathing hard and smiling. I lie back against the piled pillows and look up at her. Her gently lifts the gown off slowly, revealing her frank patch and trembling hips. She carries on up her flat stomach and along her fragile vase like waist until I can just see the under side of her perfect dove white breasts. She holds it for a minute as I breath heavy in anticipation. Then she completely takes it off and I silently gasp.

She stands like a vision. More perfect than any fantasy I could have. She walks slowly towards me, the candlelight flickering off like sparks. She gently sit with my legs between her open thighs for moments. Looking down at me, feeling so close. She leans forward and gently undoes the strap still keeping it closed. Then gently she unfolds me and I lay, completely honest and unashamed of my body.

She leans forward her breasts hang like porcelain and drags a hard nipple over my lips. I take it in and kiss it, sucking the nipple cutely between my lips. She moans as I take more in and suck warmly, licking with a wet tongue flicking the nipple stiffly with the tip of my tongue. Her body is heaving slightly as I take her other nipple between my fingertips. I pinch viciously as she bucks a little making a deep croaked moan.

She strokes my waist as I suck her, engaging my nerves in heightened excitement. I moan into her breast as I move and kiss the valley between her breasts feeling a breast against each cheek. I rip my lips of and pull her on top of my feeling her wet breasts against my sweating ones. I can feel her slide along me as we move fast over each other's bodies, feeling and exploring.

She sucks my nipples between her teeth and presses my front belly with her palms, stroking and pressing me all over. My legs are open wide and I can feel her hips between them as she suckles me. I drag a hand through her hair and drag my fingertips along her jaw.

Her lips are moving to my belly button and she laps me, softly, stiffly, flicking, licking and sucking. I press hard against the pillows and let long moans escape my throbbing lips. I can feel hot juice running down my thighs, mingling with sweat and lubricating my pounding pussy.

She pulls her lips away and looks up as me devilishly and then brings her self down until I cannot see her face. She sucks my inner thighs, which sweat and tingle hard. My breathing is getting very heavy as I cringe with such incredible anticipation. I press my palms into the cover as she drags a wide tongue up the complete length of my pussy.
I gasp as I loose a heartbeat, briefly opening my eyes. As her fingernails scrape against my raw wet thighs she enters me with a hard stiff tongue, fucking me hard and drinking my steaming hot juices. My eyes are flickering back and forth and I make repeated gasping noises, she nibbles my inner lips between her outer lips and finger fucks me with one long slender finger, gently in and out, twisting and exploring my tight little opening. She drags her tongue up along in a smooth line along the inner line of my pussy, the path to my completely erect clitoris. She circles it daringly like a shark with a stiffened tongue.

I'm breathing rapidly and gasping as she enters me with two fingers, in and out fast and slick, making loud slurping noises. At the same moment she presses hard against my clit and I arch my back. A loud high-pitched noise leaves my throat as I clinch my face. She's looking down at me completely enthuses by my obvious enjoyment.

She then brings her face back down, continually fucking me with her fingers but now swaps her pressed finger for a wet tongue. Then flicks. Once and laps it up and down, side to side, circling it again and again. I'm so close I know it can't be much longer, I puff in and out almost as if in labor. She strokes my inner thighs, with my sweat and juice. She's continually fucking me, now with three fingers. My arms are going wild reaching for something to hold onto, as I am about to fall. She flicks her name across my clit as I heave and buck my hips panting and moaning loudly. She stops for just a moment then sucks my clit deep into her mouth.

And I explode!

I scream loud as my body repeatedly shivers coming once. My clit is dancing wildly on her tongue feeling her finger fucking me furiously, she suck me in deep again using her curled tongue my clit fuck her and I cum again drenching her face in juices I scream as loud as I can. And I cum again and again as she laps me up and down, sucking between her lips.

She pulls away and stares down at me, completely aroused and enthralled by my drenched, scorching body. Looking forward to her own turn later.