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Feels Like The First Time
Coming Out

Marianna's Dirty Secret

Written By: Titmowse

"So I did the nasty with a chick. What you gonna do about it? You gonna get pissed? You gonna fuck me up?! Fuck that. I kissed the bitch. I touched her damned titty. That don't make me no damned lesbo"!

Marianna looked at her boyfriend with such defiance. He had found out about her little secret. Marianna tried her best to deny her little lesbian adventure, but her man Juan knew the truth. Juan knew the truth and the truth gave him a hard-on.

"You licked out a pussy. You did the tittie on tittie thang. I'm okay with it baby". Juan looked at Marianna with whole, new eyes.

She tried to shy away from him as he got closer to her face. When he put his hand on her crotch, she pretended it didn't phase her. As he kissed her neck, she let him.

"Tell me what you did with her". He whispered while his hand slid up and cupped her breast. He took her hard nipple between his fingers and pinched it gently. His tongue ran down her neck and he put his mouth on the breast he had pulled snuck out of her shirt. "What did you do"?

"I - I kissed her on the mouth and she kissed me back" Marianna let out a soft cry when Juan's fingers found their way up her snatch. Her legs spread wide for him as he got down in front of her and nibbled on her clit through her panties. "She started to lick my pussy".

"Like this"? Juan asked after he slid her panties off and shoved his tongue in her twat".

"Yeah. Like that. All soft and sweet". She held his head in her hand and gripped the bed with her other. He tongue fucked her and she got wetter and wetter. She could barely describe to him her session with the beautiful girl as it faded away into the image of her big, handsome man making love to her pussy.

Juan moved over her until his cock was in her face. "Did you suck her pussy"? He rubbed his hard cock across her lips as her mouth parted and she began to lick his dick. "Huh? Did you taste her"? He bent over and kissed her. She could taste her juices in her mouth. "Did she taste good? Did she taste as good as you baby"?

"She tasted good. She tasted like cream". She looked at him as her turned her around and kissed her back and her ass. She could see him grab his tool. She held her butt firm as he grabbed her ass cheeks and slowly slid his dong in her cunt.

"She didn't do this did she baby"? His pole worked in her. He pushed it up then all the way out. Then he took his piece and rubbed her clit. He bent over her and spoke in her ear. "She can't fuck you the way I can fuck you. You want it don't you? Say you want it". He teased her twat lips as he ran the tip of his dick in the circle around her hot hole. "Say you want it".

"I want it Juan". Marianna groaned and backed her ass up high as her hips swayed.

"What do you want. Hmm? Tell me what Juan's got. Tell me what you want". He poised his cock at her pussy.

"I want your cock. I want you Juan. I want you to fuck me. Baby fuck me". Marianna cooed.

Juan rammed his tool in her and pumped her. His hands grabbing her firm ass, he fucked her hard. She kept saying the whole time "Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me with your cock baby".