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Great foreplay for the woman on the go.
One Ringy Dingy - Phone Sex

Phone Sex Great foreplay for the woman on the go.

By Ladyfire Editor Debora Myers

Next time that you're aching for some extra attention or just a thrill, call him. Whether you have only been seeing each other for a short time or have been married for 13 years you can use the sexy phone talk to keep him hot for you.

This is great foreplay for the woman on the go. You can get him going, tease him even more while cooking dinner together. Bend over the kitchen counter and rotate that butt, run your fingers through his hair and whisper what you want from him, before the dinner boils over! Then you can continue with the tease. Taking it a step further and acting out what you have verbally already tortured him with your wild woman ways.

Tell him in very specific terms just exactly what you would like him to do to you and vise-versa.

Describe your body; whether you are thin or fat forget about the body image thing that the media dictates. Describe your virtues. This sounds cliché' but describe what your wearing and be sure to be wearing something extra sexy! Remember that men are visually oriented so give him something he can picture in his head and then transfer to his glands! It's so much fun too! At first you may feel silly but just picture him and you can go on from there!

Take it to another step and send him sexy e-mail. But you have to be careful as to who will see the mail. No sense in ruining a good thing. Get him going and you hot as a chili pepper just make sure no one gets hurt.

Remember that having sex more often makes you better able to keep fired up longer and stronger. So just like any other activity, practice makes perfect. The brain circuits governing sex when stimulated regularly can better be read faster and longer offering better and longer sexual encounters. Plus regular sex can help you to sleep better, relieve menstrual cramps and improve your all over health according to Ava Cadell, PH. D. a Los Angeles sexologist.

Keep his hormones as well as yours going strong. Just remember that men think about sex all the time. They tend to like to wander and jump on many different conquests. So we who want to keep our hubbies or man friends coming back to us have to keep the fires burning. Keep things interesting and hotter than he expects and he'll keep coming back for more!