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The Distance Learning Revolution Has Arrived

Education has always been a valuable commodity, and a growing number of people are discovering the convenience of accessing this commodity online. Many people that would not have had the time or the means to further their education through normal schooling channels are turning to the internet to find an education solution online to satisfy their needs. Online students are benefiting with their new qualifications from accredited colleges and universities by not only increasing their current earning potential, but also opening doors to career paths that otherwise would not have been available to them.

There are many other sound reasons to pursue your further education online rather than by using the traditional on-campus alternative. The flexibility offered by distance learning is often a strong selling point. A lot of people have daily commitments that would have prevented them from devoting two or three years to continuous study, but by being able to spread the program over a period that suits them, they can now study as their lifestyle permits.

For others, it's just too hard to make ends meet on a "full-time student/part-time employee" plan, but the "full-time employee/part-time student" option makes their financial responsibilities much easier to juggle. Still other distance learners have considerable experience in their chosen professions, but don't have a certificate on the wall to prove it. Distance learning offers these working professionals a chance to maintain the momentum of their careers, whilst gaining a formal qualification at the same time. The constant demand for higher and higher job skill levels means that todays employees need to be continuously upgrading their work skills in order to keep their current jobs, let alone have a chance of furthering their careers.

Part-time study at home means that achieving this doesn't have to interrupt their working life. For others, the desire to change career paths probably means they'll need new skills or qualifications to do so. Rather than have to start at the bottom of the ladder, what better than to get a degree from home in your spare time to get off to a flying start in their new career. Some distance learning students are living, working or holidaying in foreign countries, and rather than attend an overseas school, they opt to still pursue their daytime interests, whilst studying part-time to earn a bachelors or even a masters' degrees to help with their future job prospects or possible career advancement.

The advent of new technology utilizing the internet, has seen the demand for distance learning skyrocket. Its convenience and flexibility has opened further education up to a whole new market that shows no signs of slowing down any time soon. Who knows what the future holds, maybe one day the demand for distance learning will even surpass the demand for traditional campus based schooling. The technology for it is already here.

David Neehly writes on all aspects of the Distance Learning industry on his website, where you'll find many more interesting articles. Don't forget to subscribe to his FREE newsletter, for expert advice, and the latest news on Distance Learning.

The Distance Learning Revolution Has Arrived

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