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A lot of guys want to know how to practice the techniques and concepts I teach. The best way to practice is to find women whose job it is to talk to you. I'm not suggesting visiting the local red light district. What I'm talking about are waitresses, bartenders, hostesses, and cashiers.

Practice proper body language, eye contact and voice tone when you are around these women. Practice starting up conversations with these women. A good way to do this is by playfully teasing them! I think interacting with women is an ongoing endeavor.

It's like playing an instrument. If you have been practicing guitar and you go a few days without practicing, you are a little rusty when you pick it back up. Always be prepared. Have on nice looking clothes and look your best whenever you leave your house. You don't want to see a great woman and not feel confident enough to approach because you look like a bum.

Playfully teasing a woman is a great way to start a conversation. Look for something she is wearing, doing, or talking about and make fun of her about it. Just remember not to insult her.

This should be fun and playful. Remember to let go of the outcome. Focus on right now, not later. If you focus on getting in her pants, this is a selfish desire and probably won't come to fruition.

If you focus on making her smile and laugh, this is a selfless and giving mindset and will ironically improve your chances. And finally, have the right frame of mind. Having a beggar's frame will hurt your chances. Never think she is the prize and the goddess you must somehow impress. Have the frame that you are the prize and she must win you over if the two of you are going to get physical.

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