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Fifty Creative Ways to Get Her To Say Yes

Many young men get into a twist when considering how to propose to their intended. This list is meant to offer some lighthearted support, and get their creativity sparkling like the diamond they are handing over. 1. Write it in lemon juice on paper. It disappears until warmed.

You can say "Look, there's something written here".heat it over a candle and "Presto", instant proposal 2. Do it at half-time, on-field, at a sporting event/theatre 3. In disguise wearing a costume that means something to you both 4. Get her to find the ring embedded in a favourite meal 5.

Have the ring delivered by an express mail service at your table in a restaurant. 6. Have the ring delivered by her favourite celeb (might be costly, but most celebs are up for a photo opportunity ) 7.

If you have enough advance warning, get an author to write your proposal cunningly into a book you can buy, and be beside her as she reads it. 8. In weightless conditions 9.

Record yourself proposing on video and get it spliced into the latest blockbuster movie on video/DVD, then snuggle up together to watch. 10. Find a tech buddy that can send interrupts to your TV signal or radio and do some creative splicing to propose "live" on TV 11. Get your proposal made into a -very- difficult jigsaw so that the message only becomes clear slowly as you both do it. 12. Get the ring embedded in a bottle of her favourite drink, in such a way that she can't miss it, and will have to break the bottle to get at it.

13. If she reads the comics, get a frame put in the comic with your proposal (can be done with most WP/magazine design/printers with perseverance) 14. Depending on your sense of humour/disgust level, have it turn up in, say, the cat litter, the dog's "doings" (I know it's gross, but it might ring some folks bells ) 15. If you've got a pet that "fetches" things, get it to fetch the ring to her. 16. Slip the rung on her finger while she is sleeping then wait for her to notice 17.

If you've got a year to spare, get a floral display or tree plantation made up to say "Marry Me?" that she'll see when you take her on a trip. 18. Drastic I know, but get a tattoo (or a false one) and unveil it slowly. 19. "Stage" something spectacular in your home - a police raid or SWAT raid or some such, and get them to give her the ring.

20. "Stage" yourself being a romantic hero, saving a fluffy bunny or something she loves a lot, and have the ring attached to the thing you save when you give it back to her. 21. Take her to a labyrinth or maze (or build one yourself!) and have it lead to the ring.

22. Sign up for a "Murder Mystery" weekend, and have the ring turn up at the denoument (The club you visit for the weekend will probably love to do it. This applies to other "Role-Playing" companies as well.) 23. Go to a "Vegas" style cabaret, and get the magician to produce the ring from her ear or some such place. 24.

Write it in a song, or get it written in a song, and get it sung to her by someone famous (or do it yourself --- it worked for me!) 25. Further to number 16, take a picture of her wearing it while she's asleep, then take it off. Later, show her the picture and say "What's that on your finger?" 26. Have the ring delivered by carrier pigeon.

27. Have her boss call her into his office for a "dressing down", only to find you there with the ring. 28. Again, depending on your humour, hide in the ladies toilet in her place of work (best let the other women in on the deal) and surprise her. She won't forget it in a hurry.

29. Have it delivered by a man in a hot air balloon/ parachutist/hang glider 30. Get the ring embedded in a bar of soap and wait for it to emerge. 31. If she's into animals, visit a sanctuary/zoo, and persuade the keepers to have her "find" the ring on her favourite animal 32.

Do it online.set up a web page that asks the question, and make sure it's her start up page at logon when you want the question asked. 33. Get a headline/front page of her daily paper for the right day made up and substitute it for the real one on the day. 34.

Get it done at a staged semaphore/morse code/sign language/foreign language demonstration in such a way that she'll have to ask for a translation 35. Get it sewn in to handkerchief then arrange a drinks spillage after which you give her the handkerchief. 36. Go for a drive/walk/hike, get lost, and be given the ring by someone you just happen to stop to ask for directions. 37. At a fishing port or hunting lodge etc.

, have the ring be taken out a catch or kill. Again, gruesome I know, but someone will love it. 38. Similar to 36, get someone to pose as a tourist asking for directions, and, as he says "thank you", he also says "Oh, I believe this is for you" and gives her the ring.

39. Another gross one, get a joke shop "vomit" kit, pretend to throw up, and find the ring in it. Someone will go for it. 40. If you have any piercings, have the ring dangle from one.

41. Bake her a birthday/surprise cake, and have the ring inside 42. Attach it to her key-ring/key-chain/car-keys and wait till she notices. 43. Get a green-keeper at your local park/golf course to cut the message in the lawn/fairway/hillside etc 44.

Alternatively, do some creative topiary on a large hedge to spell out the message 45. Spell out the message in glass marbles under water in her washbowl/bath/swimming pool 46. Spell it out in large stones on a beach that can only be seen when you take her on a helicopter ride. 47. Get it done in a firework sign on the top of a building etc at a social occasion.

48. Under water, wearing scuba gear 49. Record the message and get someone to send it to her mobile while you're with her.

50. Get her boss to send her to a meeting, where it's you, and the ring.

William Meikle is a Scottish writer who successfully used one of these tips. Read more articles at his website at http://www.williammeikle.com

Fifty Creative Ways to Get Her To Say Yes

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