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DNA Testing For Infidelity

DNA testing is an most widely known for its use in DNA Paternity testing, which is most commonly used for the identification of a biological relationship between an alleged father and child. However, DNA testing has also been adapted more recently to be used in cases where infidelity is alleged, as a means of determining whether male or female genetic material is present on a particular item, and to confirm the likely owner of that genetic material. Provided DNA samples are available from the alleged 'cheater' and his or her regular partner, it should be easy to determine where additional suspicious genetic material is present which can then be used as the basis for further examination in determining where unfaithful behaviour has been occurring. DNA Testing – Common samples for Infidelity testing DNA samples for infidelity testing are normally obtained from items of clothing particularly underwear as well as items such as bed sheets, Kleenex tissues and birth control contraceptives (e.g.

condoms). However, testing can be applied to any material which is suspected to have biological material on it. The quality of the sample is important, since the more biological material is present and the less contaminated it is, the easier it is to obtain a DNA profile. Having said that, nowadays DNA testing laboratories have improved their ability to obtain a DNA profile from limited samples and therefore they should often be able to obtain a full or partial profile from a wide range of samples and in various conditions.

DNA Testing – Confirm or dispel suspicions If you believe a partner may be engaged in unfaithful behaviour, DNA testing may be one way to resolve your suspicions. By submitting relevant samples of suspicious items, DNA testing procedures can identify first of all if the DNA present is male or female, thereby giving a preliminary indication of the likely 'donor' of the sample. The next step is to produce a DNA profile of the donor of the sample and compare it to the DNA profile obtained either from the most likely donor (if known and available), or else against the profile of the person's regular partner to include or exclude that person. It is important to bear in mind that whilst the results of this kind of DNA testing do provide additional information, they aren't necessarily conclusive of the facts. DNA testing is no guarantee of an unfaithful occurrence and it should not be the sole grounds for any drastic action – it merely points to the fact that foreign genetic material is present, from which the test subjects must draw their own conclusions. In other words, DNA results should be treated as a clue rather than evidence.

However, armed with this information, it may be easier to confront the situation or else dispel any doubts a person may have.

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DNA Testing For Infidelity

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